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Heating and Cooling Products in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee

Advanced Heat Pump Systems offers heating repair, cooling repair and air quality services in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee to help locals keep the air in in their home comfortable throughout the year. Customers often have questions about our services and the following FAQ provides answers for the most common queries. If you need more information about heat pumps, furnace repair, air conditioning repair, AC units, humidifiers, or other services and equipment, call Advanced Heat Pump Systems at 423-926-2665.


QUESTION:How much does it cost for a new heating/cooling system?


Each of our systems are designed and customized to fit your home and your personal needs. We offer many varieties of Brands, Efficiencies, Styles and Options. Therefore, Let one of our Qualified Comfort Specialists Design a Complete System for you. The call and the quote are FREE!

QUESTION:How much does a service call cost?

ANSWER:Diagnostic fees cover travel to your location withing the tri-cities area and Up To 30minutes for diagnosing the problem. Common repairs are charged based on a Flat-rate. All prices for Flat-rate repairs are published in the Service Technicians Repair book. All Service Calls are COD (Cash on Delivery). If your problem is diagnosed but not repaired due to part orders, weather or other delays the Diagnostic fee will be due immediatley and the repair fee will be due upon completion of services.

During regular hours of operation, 8-5 M-F, the diagnostic fee is $60
After regular hours of operation, 8-5 M-F, the diagnostic fee is $90
During Holidays the diagnostic fee is $120

QUESTION:How long does it take to install a new system?

ANSWER:On a normal replacement of an existing system, it takes one day. Installation of a new system into a home without any existing equipment depends on the complexity of the system and the condition of the house. Any of our Comfort Specialists should be able to approximate the length of time required to install the new system.

QUESTION:How often should I change my filters?

This depends on the type of filter you have. I recommend that all filters be checked every month to ensure efficient operation. Standard 1” throw-away filters should be changed montly. The high efficient 1” pleated & poly fitlers should especially be checked, replaced and/or cleaned monthly. These filters trap more particulates and become restricted quicker, causing increased pressures on your heating/cooling system that result in a shorter lifespan of your equipment. Keep them clean. The cost of changing them regularly is much cheaper and healthier than the cost of blower motors and compressors.

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